Getting Started at Scrapbooking

Whether we are beginners or experienced at scrapbooking, we need to start somewhere. Getting your photos organised is key.

Getting started on your first scrapbook page is sometimes the most daunting. This is why we've included in our catalogue themed idea books. These contain co-ordinating scrapbook papers, numerous page examples, along with professional tips and techniques for creating terrific memory album page

As you create your pages, journaling will make your album a Book of Memories, instead of a collection of photographs.

You've put a lot of effort into making your memory album.  You don't want to watch that precious heirloom you've created crumble before your eyes.  This is where the latest archival quality materials come into play. By using the profusion of photo safe products available today, you can be confident the scrapbook you create will remain intact for generations to come.

Get Started at Scrapbooking
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