Your First Page
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Making your first scrapbook page

First things first, start simple !

Try not to start with a wedding or christening.  Choose one or more photos of an event that touch you . Most people feel that an odd number of photo's works best.

Pick out some aspect of the photos e.g. a colour, theme or detail, and use this as inspiration for choosing your background paper.

If you have one really good photo, use that as a focal point.  Place the photos on the paper you have chosen, rearrange them until they are visually appealing to you . Next decide if you need to crop any of the photos.  Consider adding one or more co-ordinating colours to your page by mounting or framing the photos. Or by adding diecuts or stickers.

When your happy with the layout of the page, it's time to consider journaling. Jot down on a separate sheet of paper your thoughts, and feelings about the photo, and any related story or background. Then add this personal touch to your page.

Now that you've made a start, choosing an album should be easier.  It will depend on whether you are creating a smaller themed album, or a generalised "Family Album".

The size of the album you choose should be determined by the size and shape of materials you want to add to your album. Large and/or numerous items will require a 12x12 size. If your photos and memorabilia are smaller and fewer, then consider an A4 size.

Just remember, every page need not be elaborate or perfect. Keep it simple. No matter what your reason for making an album, it should be an enjoyable experience.

Have Fun With It !!